WWE reportedly closes another International office

It appears that WWE has closed its offices in Mexico City.

According to Periodico Correo, at least ten employees at the offices in Mexico City were informed of the upcoming closure. This is closely following the closing of WWE’s offices in Japan at the beginning of September.

While WWE has looked to make more of an international footprint in recent years, it’s abundantly clear that they are backtracking on those plans.

WWE’s international expansion of NXT looks to be dead in the water

In 2018, Triple H unveiled a plan to expand the WWE NXT brand internationally by creating new offices and Performance Centers throughout Australia, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Japan.

With the recent closing of the offices in both Japan and Mexico, these plans certainly look to be off the table for the time being, or perhaps permanently due to the direction the NXT brand has taken in recent months.

The shift from the black and gold brand of NXT to the more colorful NXT 2.0 hasn’t been well received by the WWE Universe. While fans were willing to tune in and give it a chance in September, two months later, the show is now drawing the lowest viewership for the product two weeks in a row.

With NXT WarGames approaching on December 5, this might be one of NXT’s final chances to capture the fanbase that feels they were abandoned when the company’s new vision replaced the black and gold brand.

Whether 2.0 will be able to overcome its current slump is anybody’s guess, but the talented NXT roster isn’t likely to go down without a fight.

Are you surprised to hear that WWE has closed its offices in Mexico City? Did you even realize they had an office there, to begin with? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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