AEW’s Darby Allin wants a stipulation match against MJF

Darby Allin of AEW shared his thoughts on getting even with MJF during a recent AMA session with Bleacher Report. He replied to a fan question regarding his 0-1 record against MJF by saying:

“A lights-out match. I would love to get in there because I played his game. I was beating him in his game, but it was kind of hard to cheat in a lights-out match.”

Allin was defeated by MJF at this year’s AEW Full Gear event. This was the first time both men have faced off in AEW.

Darby’s entrance featured a video package showing Darby surviving a car crash with an MJF mask-wearing person beside him. Both performers put on a wrestling clinic in the opening contest of the night.

Allin seemed close to winning the match when Pinnacle members Shawn Spears and Wardlow, were stopped from interfering by Sting.

MJF took the opportunity from all the chaos at ringside to sucker-punch Darby with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Finally, he pinned Darby with the side headlock takeover as he promised he would.

There have only been a handful of Lights Out Matches in AEW. Omega vs Moxley and Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa are two of the most memorable. It will be worth seeing whether Darby and MJF can top them in the near future.

MJF was confronted by CM Punk on AEW Dynamite

After his victory over Darby Allin, MJF was seen boasting about his talents on Wednesday.

His claim for “easily” being the best in all aspects of the game was interrupted when “Cult of Personality” was heard blasting through the arena. Punk slowly walked down the ramp and entered the ring.

Being face-to-face with the Best in the World, MJF was speechless for a moment. He tried to introduce himself and shake hands. But Punk only smiled back and left the ring without any words.

CM Punk wearing a Rancid “…And Come Out The Wolves” shirt on Dynamite during his segment with MJF.First song on the record is “Maxwell Murder”.*chefs kiss*

With the announcement that Winter is Coming on December 15? These two AEW stars may be seen competing on the show.

Do you want to see MJF vs CM Punk on Winter is Coming? Tell us below in the comments.

CM Punk embraced a wrestler when he came out as gay. Find out the whole story here. Heartwarming.

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