Fan anticipation for Indian PUBG Mobile Lite version increases after hints by influencers

One of the most often discussed subjects in the Indian mobile gaming community is the introduction of BGMI Lite, a simplified version of the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

The release is awaited by millions of PUBG Mobile Lite fans across the nation who were heartbroken when their beloved game was banned over a year back.

However, there has been a great deal of dissatisfaction in the game’s community because the developers have not provided any official confirmation regarding the streamlined variant.

In a new development, a poll was conducted on BGMI’s official Discord server, asking the fans why they desired the light version of the game.

Where is BGMI Lite? Fans annoyed and impatient about the streamlined title’s release

There are millions across India waiting for the release of BGMI's lite version (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are millions across India waiting for the release of BGMI’s lite version (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ever since the PUBG Mobile Lite ban, fans have been kept in the dark about the lighter variant of the popular game. Even though the recent news has provided them with some comfort, they continue to question the officials about the release.

The following tweets demonstrate the same trend:

@AmreliaRuhez Hello legend ruhez😁. BGMI lite aarha hai toh kya usme bhi pubg lite k account transfer ka option milega.. love from Uttarakhand 🙏

Meanwhile, many notable influencers in the BGMI community have provided fans with much-needed information about the lighter version. On 10 October, Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare shared the following on his Instagram story:

Ghatak mentioned this in his Instagram story in October (Image via Instagram)
Ghatak mentioned this in his Instagram story in October (Image via Instagram)

In a recent exclusive interview with Sportskeeda’s Debolina Banerjee, he further mentioned the following about its release:

“Players can expect news regarding BGMI Lite by the end of December 2021. They may also receive the good news sooner than that! I am not completely sure about it, but I am positive that BGMI Lite will be released sometime in the future.”

Apart from Ghatak, Maxtern has also commented on the release of the game. In his Tweets, he quoted:

“BGMI Lite see You soon!”

BGMI Lite see You soon! 😏

“BGMI Lite in the New Year?”

BGMI Lite in the New Year?

Note: All of these hints should be taken with a pinch of salt since there has been no official confirmation from the developers. As of now, users can wait for any news.

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