Jade Cargill on teaming up with Shaquille O’Neal 

Jade Cargill recently opened up about working with Shaquille O’Neal during her debut AEW match earlier in the year.

On the March 3rd episode of Dynamite, Cargill and O’Neal teamed up to defeat Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet in a tag team match. Apart from Jade Cargill’s debut, the bout also marked Shaq O’Neal’s first bout in AEW.

In a recent chat with PWInsider, the AEW star opened up about working alongside the basketball legend. Cargill stated that it was a “pleasure” to work with O’Neal and termed him a thorough “professional.” Furthermore, she recalled jokingly telling Shaq O’Neal not to embarrass her in the ring.

“It was such a pleasure. It’s not talked about enough, but working with Shaquille O’Neal was a total pleasure. He is such a professional. I remember before going out joking with him. I said, “Don’t embarrass me.” Just joking. “Don’t embarrass me. This is my world.” He looked at me in a very serious tone, and he said, “Don’t embarrass you? This is my world. This is what I do. I’m a character. This is what I do. You’re in my world.” He was very serious when he said that” said Jade Cargill.

Jade Cargill was in action on this week’s Rampage, colliding with her long-standing rival Red Velvet. As expected, the former picked up the win and advanced to the semi-finals of the AEW TBS Championship Tournament.

Paul Wight wants to wrestle Shaquille O’Neal in AEW

It can be argued that one of the most-anticipated matches in pro wrestling today is a battle of behemoths between Paul Wight and Shaq O’Neal. Over the last few months, Wight has spoken about the match possibly coming to fruition in AEW.

“I hear Paul Wight’s still talking trash, so I’m going to work out really hard this summer, and maybe we could do something very, very soon. I’m going to go for it this summer, pump these muscles up here. I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. Paul.”- Shaquille O’Neal on Paul Wight https://t.co/wNNOiUJ66K

The former WWE Superstar recently claimed the match is closer to happening than before. Paul Wight explained that since the NBA legend has already performed in AEW, there wouldn’t be much difficulty scheduling a match between them.

“Around WrestleMania season it’s usually a tough time for Shaq because there’s basketball going on and a lot of things that occupy his time. I think with AEW we don’t have as much red tape. I mean, Shaq’s already competed in AEW. I think this is an opportunity for us to have that spectacle match and have some fun with it. Honestly, I think it’s closer to happening than it’s ever been,” Wight said.

With Paul Wight impressing in his in-ring outings for AEW, there’s every chance the match will live up to the hype whenever it occurs.

What did you make of Jade Cargill and Shaquille O Neal’s chemistry in AEW? Do you want the two to join forces again? Sound off in the comments section below.

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