5 GTA Trilogy improvements with the recent patch

The GTA Trilogy has recently been patched, with a particular focus on fixing certain issues.

Rockstar has recently addressed criticism over the current state of the remastered games. The GTA Trilogy was critically panned for several technical problems, most of which detract from the gameplay. As a result, Rockstar made a direct apology to their fans and promised to resolve these issues.

The remastered games aren’t going to get better overnight, since there is a lot of work to do. At the very least, the recent patch is the first step in the right direction. This new update covers all three classic games from the GTA Trilogy. Here are some of the bigger improvements from the patch.

Five ways the recent patch improved the GTA Trilogy

5) It fixes some language issues

Rockstar took care of some language problems with the GTA Trilogy. These games now display the correct subtitles and help texts. Localization issues have also been resolved with the patch.

Nintendo Switch players also don’t have to constantly readjust their language settings. If the player rebooted the system before the patch, the language settings would always revert back to default.

4) Textures are no longer misplaced

Before and after the new update/patch. Leaf textures now sit on the stairs (mostly) and no longer float a few feet off of the ground #PS5Share, #GTATrilogy https://t.co/DN6JdWNj4S

There is still a long way to go with character models. Rockstar still needs to work on those models, especially the ones in GTA San Andreas. At the very least, the environmental textures have greatly improved.

One example can be seen in the above tweet. The leaf textures were previously misaligned, so they would often float in the air. Thanks to the new patch, the leaf textures are now in the right position.

3) Vice City got rid of fatal errors

@RockstarGames I’m playing GTA Vice City remastered and I got a fatal error while playing Sir, yes sir! And also my PC goes way past the recommended specs but can barely stay above 60 FPS with Ultra on a GTX 1070. North point mall for some reason stutters to 30 FPS as well

Previously, GTA Vice City would have graphical problems when exploring the North Point Mall. Players had to put up with the following message:

“Error: Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture! Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution”

The recent patch has fixed this particular issue since it would be problematic in later missions. North Point Mall is the main destination for Shakedown and Cop Land, which are already difficult missions.

2) Some missions are no longer bugged

GTA Trilogy suffered from various glitches that made certain missions unplayable. For example, Asuka would sometimes drown herself in Last Requests. The most recent patch now prevents this from happening.

Rockstar also took care of other issues, such as multiple GPS routes in various missions. This made navigation much easier for GTA Trilogy players.

1) The rain is much lighter

First line in the new patch notes for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition:*Fixed an issue with rain visual effectsOk bruh lmaoNice layering @GroveStGames https://t.co/6ewNm79D3y

Weather effects were one of the biggest issues in the GTA Trilogy, particularly the rain. Players often had trouble seeing through heavy rain particles. Grove Street Games covered the entire screen with this visual effect. It was a major distraction that made it seem like a storm was brewing.

Thankfully, this problem has been solved in the latest patch. While the layering effect is still imperfect, it’s a vast improvement over the previous one. Players can finally see where they’re going in the GTA Trilogy.

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