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Genshin Impact is about to release the 2.3 update, meaning the event banners will soon rotate.

Once the update is live, two character event banners will replace Hu Tao’s current rerun. Eula’s rerun banner and Albedo’s rerun banner will both begin as soon as the update launches. After three weeks, Arataki Itto’s debut banner will replace both banners.

Apart from the upcoming gacha characters, a few powerful items will soon be featured on Genshin Impact’s weapon banner.

Genshin Impact event banners in version 2.3

Genshin Impact 2.3 character banners

In version 2.3, Genshin Impact will release two simultaneous character banners. Eula’s banner and Albedo’s banner will both be released on November 24, right after the update maintenance ends.

Leaks have already revealed the 4-stars that will be featured under these two banners. The 2.3 livestream confirmed that these banners will share pity, and it’s now likely that they’ll share 4-star units as well. If leaks are true, Rosaria, Noelle, and Bennett will have increased drop rates on both Albedo’s and Eula’s banners.

// genshin leaks omg looks like albedo and eula’s banners will have the same 4 stars aka rosaria, noelle and bennett

The two rerun banners will each last for three weeks. Afterwards, Arataki Itto will be released as a 5-star unit in the next Genshin Impact character banner. On this banner, gamers may also summon the 4-star character, Gorou. For now, the other 4-stars on Itto’s banner are unknown.

Itto and Gorou will both be Geo characters in Genshin Impact. Itto will be a 5-star claymore-user, likely fit for the main DPS role. Gorou, meanwhile, will be a bow-user fit for support. His elemental abilities will serve to buff teammates, with more buffs available when the team has more Geo characters.

Itto and Gorou will be released to Genshin Impact fans on December 14. Like the rerun banners that kick off the 2.3 patch, Itto’s banner will last for three weeks, ending right before the 2.4 update.

Weapon banners in Genshin Impact 2.3

Though the weapon banners for version 2.3 are unconfirmed, Genshin Impact leakers have indicated what to expect. According to leaks, Song of Broken Pines and Freedom-Sworn will headline the first weapon banner in the 2.3 update.

The 4-star weapons to be featured on this banner may be the following:

  • Alley Hunter
  • Dragon’s Bane
  • Lion’s Roar
  • Sacrificial Greatsword
  • Wine and Song

HELLO GENSHIN WEAPONS BANNER IS SONG OF BROKEN PINES AND FREEDOM SWORN??? 4* characters are rosaria noelle and bennett

For Eula, Song of Broken Pines is the best weapon she can carry. Freedom-Sworn, meanwhile, is Kazuha’s best weapon. Weapon banner drop rates are much less forgiving than others, but Eula and Kazuha players may consider wishing on this one regardless.

This weapon banner will also be released on November 24, as soon as the 2.3 update is live. After three weeks, a yet unknown weapon banner will take its place on December 14.

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