“I have a lot of beef in my chest from the past”- WWE told New Day member that fans did not want comedy (Exclusive)

Sportskeeda Wrestling’s SP3 interviewed Xavier Woods before Survivor Series and the New Day member spoke on a plethora of topics, including his early days within the WWE.

Xavier Woods has been proving his detractors wrong since he arrived at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in 2010. WWE officials told the former tag team champion at FCW that fans didn’t want comedy, and he highlighted how New Day’s success was a slap in the face for all those who doubted him.

Xavier Woods admitted that he was carrying forward some ‘beef’ from his FCW run, but it has always driven him to get better as a performer. Xavier Woods has reached a stage in his career where he intends to accomplish everything he was previously told he wouldn’t be able to get as a WWE Superstar.

“So, being in this realm of my career, I feel really excited because now I’m digging more into that notebook of things that people said would never happen. When I was in FCW back in the day, ‘Hey, I think we should do this, this and this,’ ‘No, that is ridiculous. This is a wrestling show! Why would you try to be funny? People don’t want to be entertained; they don’t want to laugh.’ What are you talking about, dude? And then we made New Day, and everybody shut up, well, not everybody but those people. I have a lot of beef in my chest from the past. Anyway, it drives me! I’m digging more into that notebook of ridiculous things and seeing how I can work them into the show and make them fun and exciting and make them feel new,” revealed Xavier.

Xavier Woods’ current WWE status

The reigning King of the Ring is experiencing a rare singles run on SmackDown after he achieved his long-standing dream of winning WWE’s prestigious crown.

Xavier Woods has been utilized to make the Survivor Series angle between Roman Reigns and Big a little more personal, and a last-minute creative decision was also made heading into the pay-per-view.

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Woods is currently in the midst of the best phase of his career, and during his chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the veteran WWE star also opened up about how he would react if he gets fired.

Woods also revealed that his biggest desire in wrestling is to have a WrestleMania match against an underrated WWE Superstar. Here is who he named.

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