The best moveset for Chimchar in Pokemon GO

With Chimchar being featured in the next Community Day in Pokemon GO, trainers are wondering which moves to teach it.

Many Pokemon fans have been using Chimchar since Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl came out recently. The current Spotlight Hours have all featured Pokemon from the Sinnoh region to help celebrate the Generation IV remakes. Chimchar is one of the best Sinnoh starters, and might help trainers out in a Little Cup format.

Which moves work best on this Generation IV starter Pokemon?

Although both of Chimchar’s evolutions (Monferno and Infernape) gain a Fighting typing, Chimchar is a pure Fire-type. It only learns Fire moves, making it somewhat easier to figure out which moves work best.

Its quick move should certainly be Ember. It does happen to take twice as long to use as Scratch, but Ember is better in almost every other category. It has more base power, charges more energy, and while it falls behind in DPS, Ember will end up doing more damage after STAB is taken into account.

Chimchar has three Fire-type charge moves to choose from, but two of them are clear standouts. Flame Charge does plenty of favors for Chimchar since not only does it come with a low energy cost, but it buffs the user’s Attack by one stage.

This will help Chimchar’s Ember do more damage as well as boost the damage output of the other charge move Chimchar is running. Speaking of which, that second charge move should definitely be Flamethrower.

Chimchar evolves into the powerful Infernape (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Chimchar evolves into the powerful Infernape (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The two options that Chimchar has for this second charge move are Flamethrower and Flame Wheel. They are similar moves that take up 55 energy in PvP. The 90 base power on Flamethrower, though, is by and large more useful than Flame Wheel’s 60 power.

The one advantage that Flame Wheel has is that it’s quick, at 2.2 seconds. Flamethrower only takes 2.7 seconds to use, though, so it’s still a difficult move to dodge.

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