What is the Lunar Client for Minecraft?

Minecraft players looking for more out of their game client and launcher have a collection of different third-party clients available to them, including the Lunar Client.

Including a boost to framerates where applicable, accessibility on different operating systems, and an interface friendly towards modding, Lunar Client is a seamless way to improve one’s performance and experience in Minecraft with minimal effort.

The client is an all-in-one modpack capable of updating a player’s mods without manually doing so in a way that the standard Minecraft launcher would require players to. Thanks to the development team for the client, Lunar can provide substantial boosts to a player’s frames per second (FPS) even if they don’t have top-line hardware.

Minecraft: Installing the Lunar Client

The Lunar Client splash page for Minecraft's main menu (Image via Moonsworth, LLC)
The Lunar Client splash page for Minecraft’s main menu (Image via Moonsworth, LLC)

Fortunately for Minecraft players curious about Lunar, it’s an incredibly easy program to install. Thanks to its multi-platform support, players on Windows, macOS, and Linux can all enjoy the program’s features. All players need to do is head over to Lunar Client’s download page, select the appropriate operating system they’re using, run the program’s installer package, and open the client upon completion.

Once installed, Lunar Client provides the same Minecraft gameplay as the standard launcher, but with improved performance and the ability to use as many as fifty different mods, on top of a huge array of settings to tweak a player’s Minecraft experience to their liking. Some mods even appeal to certain Minecraft servers such as Hypixel or the Skyblock game type, providing customization even in the online multiplayer space.

Although Lunar isn’t the only third-party Minecraft client available (Badlion is also widely popular), it stands well on its own. The only real way for players to see if they like it or not is to download it and try it out themselves!

Dedicated players of Lunar Client may even consider checking out the client’s store, the proceeds of which support the developers and keep the client free. Players can even find customizations for their Minecraft avatar in the store that can be accessed specifically through Lunar, including cloaks, emotes, wings, and much more.

Lunar may not be everybody’s client of choice, but it certainly outperforms the standard Minecraft launcher and client and provides a much improved gaming experience for players looking for more.

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