Bray Wyatt is mentioned by Matt Hardy on Twitter

AEW star Matt Hardy recently mentioned Bray Wyatt in a Tweet, saying:

“27 years ago today, says the ‘net… I wrestled @Windham6’s [Bray Wyatt’s] father, Irwin R Shyster (IRS), as I was trying to make a name for myself.”

27 years ago today, says the ‘net..I wrestled @Windham6’s father, Irwin R Shyster (IRS), as I was trying to make a name for myself.

Matt Hardy, along with his brother Jeff, started working for WWE as enhancement talents in 1997. At that time Matt and Jeff were teenagers. Matt wrestled Irwin R. Schyster, better known as IRS, on Episode 87 of Monday Night RAW.

IRS is also known as Mike Rotunda winning the WWF World Tag Team titles with Ted Dibiase. Previously, he also held the WWF titles in the mid-80’s with Barry Windham.

The former World TV champion was once part of a faction called The Varsity Club that included Steve Williams. The duo won the NWA World Tag Team titles on one occasion.

Rotunda is related to the legendary Windham Wrestling family through marriage. He is married to Blackjack Mulligan’s daughter, which makes him the brother-in-law of Kendal and Barry Windham.

Barry Windham is a former NWA World Champion and also a Four Horsemen alumni. Rotunda’s older son Bray Wyatt was named after his maternal family name.

Bray Wyatt’s first appearance since his WWE release is confirmed

It’s been reported that Bray Wyatt will be there in Dallas, Texas for WrestleCon 2022. It was announced by WrestleCon earlier today.

The first of 200+ talent announcements start right now. We are excited to return to full scale in Dallas, TX. Please join us.

This will be Wyatt’s first public appearance since his match against Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 37. Shocking the wrestling world, WWE released him from the contract on July 31.

Windham has been one of the most “over” talents in WWE in recent memory. He proved his competency by constantly evolving his persona. He is well known for his intense mic skills, explosive athleticism, and mastery of in-ring psychology. His Fiend persona is the most unique supernatural gimmick since Kane in the Attitude Era.

Windham is thirty-four now, and still has plenty of wrestling left in him. His best years are yet to come. Whether he will reunite with Matt Hardy at AEW is a matter of time to find out

Would you like to see Bray Wyatt reuniting with Matt Hardy at AEW? Let us know by commenting below.

Jeff Hardy teases a reunion with his brother Matt in AEW here

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