BTS’ Namjoon wins hearts online with subtle James Corden X ARMY drama reference

On November 24, BTS appeared as guests on The Late Late Show with James Corden and wreaked havoc. The K-pop group addressed the ‘No More Papa Mochi’ controversy, asking James Corden if he was “alright” after the ARMYs showed him their real power.

Staged or not, Corden bowed his head and laughed. He revealed he “had never been on that side (receiving end) of the ARMY before”, mentioning that he received death threats from the fandom too. BTS’ leader RM, aka Namjoon, appreciated his honesty and “forgave” him.

‘Are you alright?’ trends as BTS’ Namjoon asks James Corden about the ARMYs drama

As soon as the news of BTS appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden was announced, millions of fans were upset with the group attending the show. It now seems like all the drama might be in the past.

james corden really called me a 15 year old… papa mochi card revoked. so disappointed.

In a segment, BTS’ leader Namjoon left no time for play when he directly asked Corden about the backlash he faced from ARMYs in September. He asked,

“But.. James, how about you? You’ve been in some hot waters with ARMYs right.. Are you alright?”

The moment Namjoon mentioned the drama, the atmosphere in the studio changed. Loud cheers from the audience, BTS members, and Corden rested his head on an armrest.

🐨: but.. james how about you? you’ve been in some hot water with ARMYs.. are you alright?

Corden then explained that his comments were only two harmless jokes, that he “didn’t think were offensive to anyone, in any way”. He even acknowledged the mistake of calling ARMYs 15-year-old girls, saying that it “of course isn’t true because I’m 43 years old” adding that he considers himself the biggest BTS ARMY.

While talking about the incident, Corden didn’t hold back about his experience. He revealed that he received death threats and shared that,

“Well, someone just hoped I d*e today, which did feel extreme.. Which did feel extreme in response to what I thought were two quite harmless jokes.”

Corden added that ARMYs are a force to be reckoned with when supporting good causes and has seen them at their best. As he ended his comments, Namjoon extended his hands and “appreciated” his “apology”.

Since then, ARMYs have grown more persistent in their defense, knowing they stood on the right side. Fans soon trended phrases from Namjoon’s dialog, with #GOT_RM_Right_Behind_Us.


“james you’re in some hot water with armys, are you alright?”

🐹 see papa mochi photo, and watch papa mochi video and hear papa mochi voice!

@latelateshow I moved on thanks to namjoon, u mada a mistake but we are humans after all, its all good now, I hope you & they enjoyed your time together, thank for the welcoming atmosphere your presented them with, always 💜

They welcomed their Papa Mochi back, citing if the second-time Grammy-nominated BTS can forgive them, they can put the issue to rest too. Know all about the drama in detail here.

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