How to make ice bomb in Minecraft Education Edition

Ice can be a useful item in Minecraft. It’s what makes the Frost Walker enchantment so valuable. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to manufacture ice in the game. However, in Minecraft Education Edition, there is another way of manufacturing ice.

Ice bombs are a Minecraft Education Edition exclusive item that can be used to turn water into ice. Players can craft them with a few Minecraft Education Edition exclusives. Here’s how to do it.

Ice bombs in Minecraft Education Edition: How to make them and how to use them

Ice bombs are not an easy item to craft in Minecraft Education Edition. They require several different parts of the Chemistry update to complete. Players will need to have that update in order to access any of these features.

Chill out by transforming water blocks to ice blocks with the ice bomb, a new Minecraft item made with sodium acetate on the Lab Table. Learn how to craft ice bombs, sparklers, super fertilizer, glow sticks and more using #chemistry in Minecraft:

The crafting recipe for an ice bomb involves four total Sodium Acetates. These are crafted with the following Chemistry items in Minecraft Education Edition:

  • Two Carbon
  • Three Hydrogen
  • One Sodium
  • Two Oxygen

Players can use the Element constructor to make them. Six protons, six electrons, and up to five or eight neutrons will make Carbon, while one proton, electron, and up to one or two neutrons will make Hydrogen.

Science is fun! With the new Chemistry Update for Minecraft: Education Edition, create and experiment with new #Minecraft items such as ice bombs, balloons and super fertiliser, view elements in a periodic table and build a customised chemistry lab.

Sodium is a bit more difficult as it requires 11 protons, 11 electrons, and up to 11 or 13 neutrons. Oxygen requires eight protons, eight electrons, and up to eight or ten neutrons.

These have to be put in the correct order and format to produce the elements, but players can move them around to find the right combination of neutrons, protons, and electrons.

After that, they can combine Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sodium to make ice bombs. They can be thrown like other projectiles and are affected by gravity. The water they hit will be turned to ice upon impact. It will also create ice if there is none.

Minecraft ice bombs can create ice when thrown (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft ice bombs can create ice when thrown (Image via Minecraft)

This is an Education Edition feature, but it is also available for Bedrock players who turn on Education features for their world. Java Edition players don’t have access to Education features.

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