Kevin Hart roasts Peyton and Eli Manning on the Manningcast

The Manning Brothers, Peyton and Eli, welcomed Kevin Hart on their successful Monday Night Football alternate broadcast. The comedian/actor appeared as a guest on the Manningcast, and represented another notable person in a long list of eclectic guest appearances that included former NFL stars, current NFL stars, Phil Mickelson, and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Comedian Kevin Hart appears on the Manningcast and roasts the Manning brothers

Kevin Hart’s segment on Manningcast did not waste any time with the zingers. Eli Manning got the ball rolling, taking subtle shots at Hart’s height while the comedian immediately shot back sarcastically that the Manning brothers have been living a lie: they actually hate each other.

Kevin Hart says he sees right through the Manning brothers 🤣

Eli Manning returned volley with another shot at the comedian/actor:

“Did Peyton recognize you or did he think you were one of his 10-year-old kid’s friends that just happen to be playing along in that game?”

Eli Manning to Kevin Hart:“Did Peyton recognize you or did he think you were one of his 10-year old kid’s friends?” 😂

Hart did not shy away but instead took a shot at Eli Manning’s perpetually frowning face:

“He’s got a ‘I just pooted don’t come over here’ face.”

Surprisingly, Kevin Hart did not take any shots at Peyton Manning’s infamously prominent forehead, and that may be the reason that the elder Manning did not waste any time shooing Hart off air. Using the two-minute warning, Peyton Manning abruptly whisked Kevin Hart away as ESPN graphics played over him leading into halftime. Hart sounded a bit surprised, but as a stand-up comic, he should be familiar with getting a quick pull from the stage.

The banter between the comedian and the former NFL quarterbacks was entertaining and provided a nice distraction from the game where the Tampa Buccaneers dominated the New York Giants. Between the pure football insights of former NFL coach Bill Parcells, the esteem of former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and the former pro player perspective of Julian Edelman, Kevin Hart was a light-hearted departure from just talking Xs and Os.

If the Manningcast curse holds true, then Kevin Hart’s next movie might bomb at the box office. Although it’s a low bar to do worse than Ride Along 2. The Manningcast has 10 MNF alternative broadcasts scheduled, and with 7 on the books that means only 3 more will occur this season by Week 17. Fans of the Manningcast will continue to have something to look forward to than the traditional broadcast.

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