5 GTA Online moments with randoms

Randoms in GTA Online are often a meme in the community, with some funny and painful moments that players regularly experience.

One never knows what they’ll get with randoms in GTA Online. Sometimes, it can be a blast, with them being able to keep up with the player to finish everything quickly and efficiently. More often than not, it’s the opposite case.

It’s better to play GTA Online with friends than with randoms, particularly because of how bad some of the latter can be at times. Still, it’s not an option for everybody, meaning that they’re bound to have experienced some of the painful moments listed down below.

Five painful moments with randoms in heists that GTA Online players can relate to

5) Those who don’t know what they’re doing

Not all randoms are malicious. Sometimes, they mess everything up simply because they don’t know any better. Some of their antics are often mind-bogglingly foolish to the point that one would think they’re trolling.

They can try going guns a blazing to a horde of enemies, but it doesn’t end well. In these moments, a GTA Online player has to try and take control of the situation through communication. Otherwise it’s bound to end in failure.

4) Players who leave mid-mission or heist

One of the worst aspects about playing GTA Online with randoms is not knowing if they’ll stick around to the end. These randoms don’t necessarily have to rage quit after dying. It can be something as simple as their Internet going off for a minute.

Either way, it will be treated as a failure. Unlike the previous example, one can’t really communicate with a player who goes AWOL. Sadly, sometimes it’s the trolls who sabotage the heist before leaving.

3) AFKers

A player who leaves GTA Online for whatever reason still allows other randoms to move on with their game session. A player that goes AFK (away from keyboard) keeps this from happening, as the mission can still go on as they linger around, doing nothing.

Thus, it wastes everybody else’s time. It can be humorous to mess with their AFKing character, but it’s much faster to leave the session (especially if they announce that they’ll be AFK).

2) Trolls and griefers

The Cayo Perico Heist can be done solo, making it less susceptible to trolls and griefers (Image via Rockstar Games)
The Cayo Perico Heist can be done solo, making it less susceptible to trolls and griefers (Image via Rockstar Games)

Trolls and griefers can AFK or leave sessions, but that’s not the only thing they can do to torment GTA Online players. As far as randoms go, they’re often the most hated to have on one’s team. Of the two, griefers are the more annoying variant to deal with (especially if they’re tryhards).

They will guarantee that a heist fails, with little to nothing that a GTA Online player can do to stop that (if they’re in the heist with the player). It can be frustrating or humorous, depending on how everything goes down.

1) Asks for a high wage, but did no setup missions

GTA Online players shouldn’t be ripped off when it comes to heists. As long as they understand their value and contributions, everything will go according to plan. While being assigned a catastrophically low percentage is unbearable, it’s also annoying to see some randoms beg for a stupidly high share of the rewards.

If they did no setup missions, they shouldn’t expect to be given much. In case they’re too persistent, it basically amounts to nothing getting done and all randoms starting over with the recruitment process.

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