FIFA 22 Ultimate Team 85+ Upgrade SBC 

FIFA 22 has started the Black Friday celebration by dropping a single-task SBC with tremendous potential reward. More specifically, players can obtain great incentives by completing the 85+ Upgrade SBC.

November has been excellent for FIFA 22 players who are fans of single-task SBCs. It all started with the release of the Rulebreakers promo, followed by the success of the Numbers Up promo.

The primary reason why FIFA 22 players love single-task SBCs is that they are easy to do and cost effective. Even for a FIFA 22 veteran, these tasks are an excellent opportunity to reutilize the fodder.

Tasks, rewards, and review of the 85+ Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

85+ Upgrade SBC squad tasks

  • IF Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 55
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

In the early hours, the 85+ Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will likely cost a little less than 25,000 coins for those who will be planning to complete this from scratch. Usage of existing fodder will considerably reduce the cost of completion and sweeten the SBC even more.

What is the 85+ Upgrade SBC?

The 85+ Upgrade is a single-task SBC that was introduced in FIFA 22 under the Black Friday celebrations on 26 November 2021. It is a non-repeatable SBC which sadly means that FIFA 22 players can only complete it once. Along with that, they have a tiny window of less than 24 hours.

85+ Upgrade SBC review

With its apparent cost of 25,000 coins, the 85+ Upgrade SBC is definitely on the more expensive side of things. However, the reward should not be forgotten as every player will be getting an 85+ player item upon completion.

Unless a FIFA 22 player’s luck is abysmal, the chances that they will get a more valuable reward than their investment costs are pretty high.

Despite having a higher cost, the 85+ Upgrade SBC definitely looks like a doable one. However, if it had a slightly lower cost, the SBC would have been even more lucrative.

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