How to soft reset for shiny Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Soft resetting will be a useful tool for any player on the shiny hunt in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

While finding shiny forms of Pokemon can still be a long and painful journey, these Generation IV remakes give lots of tools to the player to help them along the way. In the post-game, one can get the Shiny Charm and Poke Radar to increase their odds at finding shinies.

The most dedicated shiny hunters, though, will need to know how to soft reset.

Soft reset method to help find shiny Pokemon

There are several ways that trainers can optimize their shiny hunting in the wild (chaining, Poke Radar, etc.). There isn’t much trainers can do, though, about static encounters, which are basically starters and legendary Pokemon.

This is where soft resetting becomes necessary. What players will want to do is save before any of these encounters, reset the game, and roll the dice again for the desired shiny Pokemon.

There are a couple of tricks that trainers can use to soft reset for starter Pokemon. First of all, at the beginning of the game, Barry takes the main character on a buddy mission to explore Verity Lakefront. Players will want to save right outside the Verity Lakefront entrance.

To soft reset for starts, trainers should save in fron of Verity Lakefront (Image via The Pokemon Company)
To soft reset for starts, trainers should save in fron of Verity Lakefront (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Once they enter, they have to go through a cut-scene with Professor Rowan and Dawn. Afterwards, they should walk through the grass and get an encounter with a wild Pokemon. This is the earliest time that a trainer can determine if a starter is shiny.

If players want to make this process quicker, they can go to settings to turn off battle effects and move the text speed to fast mode.

If it turns out that the starter isn’t shiny, trainers can hit the home button on their Switch, close the app, and open it again. From there, they can rinse and repeat until they finally see their shiny Pokemon.

The same essentially goes for legendary Pokemon, but not for mythicals. None out of Mew, Manaphy, or Jirachi can be shiny.

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