New Horizons- How to get, craft and more

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is largely a single-player game. Players generally play by themselves on their own islands, only interacting with villagers. It can be played without a single friend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t multiplayer options.

The game has tons of activities to do with friends, including visiting other people’s islands and hanging out with them there. There are even a few items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that are specifically made to have a little fun with friends, including the pitfall seeds. Here’s what it does, how to get it, and more.

Pitfall seeds: Complete guide to Animal Crossing item

Pitfall seeds are an item that Animal Crossing players can get, which are pretty much only useful for messing around with friends. They serve no practical purpose in the game. It can also be used on villagers, but since they live on the island and have friendship stats with the player, that might be counterproductive.

Animal Crossing players can place these items on their island. They will appear just like an X on the ground, which is a digging spot that typically has good items or bells in it. However, if dug up or even walked over, a player or villager will fall and be stuck in the hole for a little while.

Pitfall seeds are usually acquired through a crafting recipe, which can be found through the usual ways, such as balloon gifts floating above the island or bottles that wash up on the beach.

The recipe for pitfall seeds is pretty simple: six tree branches and four clumps of weeds. That will craft one pitfall seed. Additionally, if players dig one up before their victims fall into the hole, they will learn the DIY recipe without having to try and get lucky.

A friend who already has the recipe can plant one and have the player dig it up, thus teaching them the recipe without having to wait for the balloon or the bottle to show up.

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