Nmplol jokingly provides comfort to Twitch viewers who fear being banned

Nick “Nmplol” Polom had an interesting conversation with his chat out of the ears of his girlfriend Malena Tudi.

The two were getting ready to take Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris’ brand new car out for a spin when Tudi stepped out of the vehicle for a quick moment, leaving Polom to jest with his Twitch viewers.

Nmplol promises to unban viewers who were “threatened” by Malena

On his latest Twitch live stream, Nick “Nmplol” Polom and his Twitch-streaming girlfriend Malena Tudi were driving around Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris’ new car, a Porshe GT3 worth $330k.

Sodapoppin and Nmplol are both part of the content creator organization OTK (One True King).

Before they drove it outside the house, Nmplol went ahead of Malena to sit in the supercar and talk to his viewers. Seeing the perfect opportunity to start a “bit,” he leaned towards the camera with his arms out, pretending to hug it and said,

“C’mon, it’s okay little chat. It’s okay, I’m here. Nick’s here, I’ll unban all of you, it’s fine.”

Earlier in the stream, before they entered the car, Nmplol had stopped by the bathroom, leaving Malena to talk to his stream. She began to joke that she would ban everyone in the chat. Jesting that she had “cross-banned” only one person “in (her) entire life,” she continued:

“He’s in the bathroom, it’s just me and you now. Y’all better f***in’ behave, okay? If not, you’re going to be number two, you hear me?”

Nick had assumedly heard her while he was in the bathroom, leading him to continue the “bit” in the car while he was alone. As he finished his one-on-one conversation with the chat, he saw her approaching the car and requested viewers not to rat him out:

“Oh, she’s coming. Chat act cool, act cool, act cool.”

Nick, who had seen what Malena said, began to question her on her words from earlier in the stream:

“So um, is there anything that you want to say? You weren’t threatening anybody, or..?”

Malena denied everything, saying that she had no idea what he was talking about and insisted that she would never say something like that.

Tudi is, in fact, a moderator for several different Twitch streamers’ chats, including friends in the OTK organization.

In a memorable incident from the past, she cross-banned a particular person from several different streamers’ chats. Subsequently, she received heavy flak from the community.

However, Asmongold, who is one of the streamers that Malena is a moderator for, came to her defense stating that he had no problem with her cross-banning people in his stream.

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