Zahan, Pranay, Basavaraju, Sanyogeeta emerge victorious

Equestrian Zahan Setalvad of Amateurs Riding Club (ARC) secured the first position in the Competition 1 of category A in the FEI Equestrian Jumping World Challenge 2021 held at the ARC, Mumbai on Friday.

Later, Pranay Khare of URB, Bengaluru, and Basavaraju Sangappa of Embassy Riding School, Bengaluru, were declared winners of category A and B respectively of Competition 2 of the FEI Equestrian Jumping World Challenge.

In Competition 1, Zahan was penalized two points compared to other players in the same category.

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Pranay Khare came second in category A, followed by Kekhriesilie Rio and Vivek Coelho.

Sanyogeeta Ashish Limaye of Embassy and Tiyasha Vathul of URB took the top honors in the Competition 1 of category B and C in FEI Equestrian Jumping World Challenge. Neither Sanyogeeta nor Tiyasha committed a single penalty during their jumping rounds.

Tiyasha completed her jumping rounds within 48 seconds as the fastest in the competition in category C.

In category B, Major Kunal Malik, Basavaraju Sangappa and Chetan Reddy secured second, third and fourth positions respectively with minimalistic penalties and time taken for their set of jumping rounds.

In category C, Arjun Kanoi, Tilak Chitale and Yashaan Khambatta secured second, third and fourth positions respectively with no penalties being charged. The top four finished their jumping rounds within 57 seconds.

Equestrian Competition 2 results

In Competition 2 of the FEI Equestrian Jumping World Challenge, Pranay Khare committed only one jumping fault (four penalties) and completed his course in 50.39 seconds in category A. Basavaraju, meanwhile, with no penalties, clocked his jumps in 53.96 seconds in category B.

In category A, it was a tough competition between Pranay and Rio as both of them had one penalty each. But in the end, Pranay finished his jumps and rounds 13 seconds before Rio to secure first place.

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In category B, it was way better competition where three equestrians (Basavaraju Sangappa, Krish Ankit Agarwal and Major Kunal Malik) were fighting for the top position and the time difference was the deciding factor in the final rankings.

Basavaraju clocked 53.95 seconds and the time difference between the second and third equestrians was only seven seconds and nine seconds respectively, adrift of the winner.

In category C, Tiyasha Vathul of URB, Bengaluru, won with zero penalties.

The FEI Equestrian Jumping World Challenge also includes qualification for the 2022 Youth Jumping Competition in category A and will be played on November 29.

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