Bizzare! Raiders fan predicts every game result right via coin toss

Raiders fan predicts first 11 games correctly with a coin toss

While many are looking towards so-called prediction experts, Vegas odds and Madden simulators, one Las Vegas Raiders fan is a perfect 11-0…with a simple coin toss.

A Raiders fan posted on Reddit prior to the 2021 season and had predicted the team’s entire season with just a coin toss. Through the first twelve weeks of the season, he’s gotten every game result correct.

Before the season started, a Raiders fan on Reddit flipped a coin to predict the season. The coin has yet to be wrong.

It’s one thing to take an educated guess at how the Raiders will play in a given game, but it’s so bizarre to have the result of a coin toss predict 11 straight correct outcomes, especially given how 2021 has gone.

Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens was an overtime win in primetime. Few expected them to go 2-0 against the Pittsburgh Steelers or to even start the season 3-0. Week 4 against the Miami Dolphins was another overtime win for the Raiders. You might be able to look at most of the other games this season and get the outcome correct. The Thanksgiving game against the Dallas Cowboys was so unpredictable that no one knew who would win even late into the overtime period.

The Raiders fan has his team finishing 10-7 with the seventh seed, but it’s unclear how he came to that conclusion for the playoff seeding. The Raiders are currently 6-5 and are predicted to go 4-2 to finish the regular season. They would have to win their next game against the Washington Football Team and then travel to Kansas City for a loss the following game, and both are very possible. The coin predicts the Raiders will then lose their next three games against the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos (who they beat already) and Indianapolis Colts. The Browns are set to have their run game healthy again, Denver is able to pull off miraculous wins and the Colts are a hot team at the moment. They are predicted to then lose their final game against the LA Chargers.

After looking at the remainder of the schedule, it’s not impossible for the Raiders to finish 10-7 and give the coin a 100% record for the season. The Raiders fan who created the scenario should have taken his predictions to the casino and bet on a few of these games for a decent payout, though.

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