5 most ridiculous entrance themes in WWE history

Entrance themes have been part and parcel of WWE gimmicks for a long, long time.

It was Gorgeous George, a professional wrestler who inspired Muhammad Ali, who started using entrance theme to enhance his flamboyant character. Around the same time, pioneering female wrestler Mildred Burke also marked her entrance with music. Entrance themes became commonplace in the 1980s all the way to the 2020s. It is impossible to find a single professional wrestler without one.

Certain entrance themes are memorable. Randy Savage (who used the same music as Gorgeous George), Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels used some of professional wrestling’s most enduring and unforgettable themes. In ECW, wrestlers often entered to popular music, such as “Enter Sandman.”

However, not all WWE superstars were lucky enough to receive memorable entrance themes. Some were burdened with ridiculous music, mostly due to their gimmicks. Here is a list of 5 such entrance music used by WWE superstars.

#5 Former WWE Tag Team Champion Heidenreich (Dangerous Politics)

#OnThisDay in 2005: WWE Great American Bash: Heidenreich & Road Warrior Animal beat Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro to win the WWE Tag Titles. https://t.co/mQ7wae3q8r

The Big Show’s WWE entrance theme memorably began with “Well, it’s the Big Show,” simultaneously reminding the audience of the wrestler’s name and that his appearance enhanced the prestige of the show. Heidenreich’s theme was a combination of multiple minutes of repetition of his name and generic music.

Heidenreich wasn’t The Big Show inside the ring either. He had a solid presence but his ridiculous gimmicks didn’t help. His only championship victory was due to WWE infamously recreating the Road Warriors with him as a replacement for Road Warrior Hawk.

Heidenrich was part of some truly uncomfortable moments, involving the likes of Gene Snitsky and longtime WWE announcer Michael Cole.

The character could have been more controversial if a pitch by WWE writer Dan Madigan was considered by the management. Madigan wanted Heidenrich to portray a cryogenically frozen Nazi managed by Paul Heyman, a pitch so shocking that Vince McMahon left the board meeting out of disgust.

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