Can the Miami Dolphins make the playoffs in 2021?

In one of the most surprising storylines from the 2021 season, the Miami Dolphins are now 5-7 after dismantling the Carolina Panthers in a very important matchup. The final score was 33-10 and the Dolphins coasted to an easy win.

The Dolphins’ season seemed to be a lost cause a mere few weeks ago when the team lost their 7th straight. That is no longer the case, as the Dolphins have been finding ways to win week after week while playing complementary football on both sides of the ball.

But can the Dolphins make the playoffs?

Miami Dolphins miraculously win four games in a row

As mentioned above, the Dolphins won their first game against the Patriots, but then turned into a terrible team. Nothing seems to have gone right since that first game, as the Dolphins’ woes have turned into nightmares. Especially in Week 3 when Tua Tagovailoa went down with a rib injury that saw him see the IR. Jacoby Brissett would then start for the Dolphins, but the team just couldn’t gel with one another.

The once-great 2020 defense seemed to be a thing of the past and the offensive line was doing all but nothing to protect the quarterback, which led to a lot of offensive miscues and turnovers.

That all seemed to change starting in Week 9 when the Dolphins played a tough game against the Houston Texans. This seemed to be the start of their rebirth as they squeezed out their first win in eight weeks with a final score of 17-9.

The following week, the Dolphins played even tougher and finally saw Tua return, which was sorely needed. What was even more amazing was that the Dolphins completely stunned the Baltimore Ravens. With one of the worst rushing defenses in the league taking on the best rushing attack in the league, the Dolphins found a way to completely silence the Ravens and win the upset 22-10.

The Dolphins would go on to beat divisional rival New York Jets the following week 24-17. The Dolphins team had started to turn things around and cause turnovers like they had in 2020. Tua began to find his groove and the running game began to take form. The Dolphins would improve to 4-7 and would face a tough Carolina Panthers team.

Today’s game saw the Dolphins dominate the Panthers in both phases of the game. A special teams punt block TD would be the catalyst that allowed the defense and offense to once again show they have plenty of fight left in them. The final score was 33-10 and the Dolphins would win their fourth straight.

Now their schedule gets interesting with the New York Giants next, bye week, then the Jets again. The Dolphins could see a 7-7 and .500 record if they can beat the Giants and Jets, who are both weaker teams.

Their final stretch of games will be tougher as the Dolphins face the Saints and Titans on the road before returning home to take on the Patriots in the final game of the regular season. Ideally, the Dolphins will want to be 9-7 heading into their final game against the Patriots. A 10-7 record could allow the Dolphins to sneak into a playoff wildcard spot. A 9-8 record may also make it possible to get into the playoffs, but that could be determined by how badly other AFC teams play.

The Dolphins are now alive in the playoff hunt after a dismal start to the season, but as it stands right now, they will need to win out to have their best chance in the postseason.

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