How to take over vehicles in Halo Infinite

Vehicles are prominent in Halo Infinite depending on the map, and can sometimes feel overpowering within a match. But there’s always the option to take over a vehicle and hijack it entirely. It saves players the trouble of destroying the vehicle and provides an advantage with some new firepower.

Not every map in Halo Infinite will have a vehicle available. The ones that do are mainly focused around Big Team Battle, aside from a couple of the arena 4v4 maps.

Big Team Battle maps have especially high amounts of vehicles, and it’s impossible to ignore them. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to take them over.

Taking over or hijacking a vehicle in Halo Infinite

There are a few methods of taking over a vehicle in Halo Infinite, and each one comes with its own set of challenges. But the grappling hook, which is new to Halo, will make one method far more efficient.

The most standard way of hijacking a vehicle is by walking up to it and prompting a hijack animation. When vehicles are close enough to players, they will have the option to hijack using the interact button.

It can be “E” on PC or the “X” button on Xbox style controllers. To hijack though, players will need to hold down the interact button fast enough while they are in range.

When taking over a vehicle, it’s important to note the animation time that is required. In smaller vehicles, the animations are faster and there isn’t as much danger, but players will need to fight the enemy after they are thrown out.

In larger vehicles, such as the Scorpions, animations are much longer and there is a window to bail out. But players can melee the enemy if they make it all the way.

Shooting players out of the smaller vehicles is also an option, but is far more difficult to pull off, and it won’t guarantee a hijack. For that, Halo Infinite has better equipment.

Using the Grappling Hook to hijack vehicles in Halo Infinite

The Grappling Hook has already proven to be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in Halo Infinite, and for good reason. By simply aiming and firing the grappling hook at a vehicle, players can initiate a hijack.

Like the standard hijack, this method will begin an animation and the endeavor is still dangerous. However, the need to get close enough is no longer an issue, as the hook can be fired from range. This makes the Grappling Hook invaluable for vehicles in Halo Infinite.

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