Best F2P Noelle build in Genshin Impact (December 2021)

Genshin Impact players likely have one or two copies of Noelle, the maid knight who seeks to become a Knight of Favonius. Noelle hasn’t featured very much in the story so far, but she has had two of the game’s most extensive Hangouts.

Fans of Noelle may be surprised at how simple it is to build her, but with the proper artifacts, she can be an absolute powerhouse. Players with plenty of constellations for Noelle will definitely want to give her a try, as she can dish out tons of damage and take down foes with ease.

How to build Noelle in Genshin Impact


Noelle is a four-star Geo Claymore character who most Genshin Impact players have likely acquired through the starter banner. She’s meant to be the game’s free Claymore character, and many players stop using her after getting other choices. But for those F2P (free to play) players who have planned to stick with Noelle, she can be a surprisingly powerful choice, and she gets stronger with each constellation. Noelle appears on banners quite often, giving fans a good chance at getting copies of her.

I just try Noelle with new af + whiteblind oh nice /

Noelle is one of the only characters in the game who can properly use the Whiteblind, a free to play craftable claymore. This massive sword boosts a character’s Defense, and Noelle can utilize this Defense to increase her damage during her Elemental Burst.

Players who plan on using Noelle should prioritize getting copies of this Claymore, and all they will need is a Claymore Billet and enough raw materials to craft it. At Refinement 5, this sword on Noelle can rival some of the strongest weapons in the game.

Noelle’s best artifacts

In Genshin Impact 2.3, the new Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set was released, and it has proven to be Noelle’s best in slot option. With its boost to Defense, and an increase to Geo damage with the 4-PC bonus, it stands out as an incredible choice for Noelle.

Players will definitely want to farm this set if they plan on building Noelle, and they can follow this guide for the stats:

  • Defense Sands with the best Crit Stats
  • Geo DMG Goblet
  • Crit Rate or Crit DMG sands, unless a Defense one with incredible substats is found
  • Best stats on Plume and Flower, focusing Crit stats but Defense is a priority

Building Noelle is simple, and if players commit, they will receive an incredible Geo damage choice in Genshin Impact.

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