Did Antonio Brown submit fake vaccination card? Buccaneers WR in trouble once again

A few weeks back, Antonio Brown’s former personal chef claimed that Buccaneers wide receiver tried to obtain a fake vaccine card.

Brown denied the claim and wasn’t punished by the NFL, so it seemed the receiver was telling the truth. This week, the focus surrounding Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown had to do with his injured ankle. He was ruled out for several more weeks, which was news that did not come with much controversy. But leave it to Brown to cause drama.

That does not appear to be the case now, as he has been suspended for three games and is not appealing the decision.

From TNF First Look: #Bucs WR Antonio Brown was suspended 3 games for misrepresenting himself as a vaccinated player. He has accepted the punishment and there is no appeal. https://t.co/AZvsPwjmwe

The initial sense was that Brown must have lied about his vaccination status all along. New information brings to light what is the case.

Is Antonio Brown vaccinated? Buccaneers WR suspended for violating NFL COVID-19 rules

So, is Brown vaccinated? It turns out he is.

#Bucs WR Antonio Brown, safety Mike Edwards and free agent John Franklin all originally submitted fake vaccination cards. That’s why they got suspended. All three are now legitimately vaccinated, per @MarkMaske.

He initially submitted a fake vaccination card, which explains why he is not appealing his suspension. It is just odd that he would do that, only to get the vaccine later. He now loses three games of pay when he could have just been vaccinated, to begin with.

He is vaccinated, which is good because that means he was not openly lying to teammates and putting them at risk. Some are comparing this to Aaron Rodgers’ situation, but the Green Bay Packers quarterback claimed he never lied to his teammates.

Brown is now set to miss the next three games officially. He was already expected to be out for two with his ankle injury, so this does not change much on the field. However, he will lose pay for nearly a month all because he faked a vaccination card, which is objectively a bad thing to do.

So, where does this leave the receiver? He is now eligible to return in Week 16 and may have had to wait until then anyway because of his injury. As long as the Buccaneers don’t punish him further for his actions, the offense is set to be whole again right before the start of the postseason.

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