How to beat Cliff in December 2021

Team Rocket GO’s Cliff has revamped his team for the month of December in Pokemon GO.

With these Team GO Rocket battles, some can be more difficult than others. Occasionally their team will have decent type coverage, but often they will have glaring weaknesses. The latter definitely applies to Cliff this month, and there are a couple of giant holes in his team composition.

Which Pokemon should trainers use to beat Cliff in December?

To counter Cliff, trainers are first going to have to know what Cliff is using. Cliff will lead with Grimer in the month of December. All the possible Pokemon that Cliff can use are as follows:

  • Lead: Grimer
  • Second: Venusaur, Machamp or Crobat
  • Last: Charizard, Arcanine or Tyranitar

When looking at this team, observant trainers might immediately notice that both Grimer and his potential second Pokemon have the same weakness: Psychic-types. They do super effective damage against Poison-types (Grimer, Crobat, and Venusaur) and Fighting-types (Machamp).

Therefore, a trainer with a strong Psychic-type like Alakazam or Espeon will have two-thirds of Cliff’s team beaten already. All that remains is the third Pokemon, which can be Charizard, Arcanine, or Tyranitar – two Fire-types and a Rock-type.

Yup, all three of these also share a weakness: Water. This means that a trainer could quite literally beat Cliff’s entire team with two Pokemon.

After the Ed Sheeran event, many trainers should have access to at least one strong Water-type. During that event, most of the Water-type starters were available (Squirtle, Mudkip, Piplup, etc.).

Slowking could potentially win this match by itself (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Slowking could potentially win this match by itself (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Trainers who have been playing for at least the past couple of months should also be stocked up on Psychic-type Pokemon. During the Season of Mischief, which was centered around Hoopa, Psychic-types and Ghost-types were spawning frequently and featured in many events.

While trainers can win this battle with two Pokemon, why bring two? Since they’re both Psychic and Water, both Slowbro and Slowpoke can beat Cliff by themselves. The only Pokemon they might have to worry about is a Tyranitar with Crunch, but otherwise, either one of them simply steamrolls Cliff.

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