“It’s absolutely the dream Super Bowl”

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick became fixtures in the Super Bowl for nearly two decades with the New England Patriots. Brady then kept that trend going last season, this time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A huge debate has raged on about whether Brady was carrying Belichick all along, or vice versa. 2021 has provided evidence that they may both just be the most elite individuals ever in the NFL in their respective jobs.

Brady’s Bucs and Belichick’s Patriots are both near the top of their respective conferences and that means fans and television executives alike are dreaming of a Super Bowl matchup between the two.

Several former television executives believe this is a dream matchup for the NFL and advertisers alike, according to an article on Yahoo Sports.

“It’s absolutely the dream Super Bowl,” said Patrick Crakes, an ex-Fox Sports executive turned media consultant. Jay Rosenstein, a former CBS Sports vice president of programming, echoed that sentiment, arguing that only a Super Bowl pitting the Dallas Cowboys against a marquee AFC team could rival Brady against Belichick from a TV viewership perspective.

It would truly be tough to rival the storylines from a Brady and Belichick matchup. No offense to the Dallas Cowboys, but they just won’t create the same type of hype.

Brady and Belichick would be an all-time matchup

It is rare to even have a situation similar to the one with Brady and Belichick. In most instances, a quarterback like Brady would have retired on top. But there was a falling out and he is still playing like an MVP at the age of 44.

Going to Tampa Bay put him on a roster ready to win, and so the focus turned to how Belichick would adjust without his star. Naturally, he drafted Mac Jones and now appears to be coaching a top AFC contender once again.

At this point I think Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are going to switch off winning Super Bowls until one of them retires

In terms of storylines, the list goes on and on. Fans got a glimpse of that earlier in the year when Brady headed to his former home to take on the Patriots in primetime.

The Super Bowl already draws in a worldwide audience. Pitting these two against each other on the grandest stage may lead to record revenues for the NFL and its broadcast partners. A two-week wait following the conference championship games will make the coverage historic.

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