5 Free Fire tips and tricks for rushing at enemies in open fields

Many Free Fire users choose to play aggressively and find delight in being on the frontlines of conflict. However, they need to note that rushing needs to be done appropriately as it can ultimately determine the match’s result.

Consequently, gamers search for tips that can help them improve during encounters in open fields as they rush onto their foes.

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Free Fire: Pointers for rushing in open fields

5) Use of utility items

Utility goods such as smoke grenades and frag grenades may be pretty helpful when players rush on to their enemies in Free Fire. Using the former, they may block off vision or create a distraction.

Frag grenades, on the other hand, can dispense significant damage. Once users know the location of their adversaries, they can toss the utility item on them to deal a heavy blow.

4) Check for flank/flanking

In squad games, it is common for players to flank other team members while pushing. Users must be aware of this since they may be outplayed and get knocked out if they do not.

Conversely, they can flank their enemies and catch them off guard, which will be pretty beneficial.

3) Character abilities

Users can surely gain an edge over the competition by using their character’s abilities in Free Fire. Even while rushing, they can be of assistance to them.

As an example, the ability of Skyler can be used to demolish gloo walls, while Chrono’s skill can give quick cover using the force field.

2) Use of gloo walls

Most gamers will be aware of the importance of gloo wall grenades in Free Fire. They can deploy these throwables to get the dominant position over their enemies in short-range engagements in open fields.

Furthermore, a player can deliberately utilize this to free up some time for themselves to heal, reload, and take other actions as needed.

1) Carrying a weapon for close-range fights (SMGs/Shotguns)

This may seem apparent, but when users press into close-quarters combat, they must be armed with a Shotgun or Submachine Gun (SMG). It is recommended that players do so since such weaponry can rapidly knock out adversaries within a short range.

Also, while using ARs, snipers wouldn’t make sense in such situations.

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