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Black Clover is a shonen manga and anime series that has garnered attention from fans all over the world. While most manga readers spend their Sundays reading the latest chapters of their favorite titles, Black Clover fans will have to wait for a while as there is a delay in releasing Chapter 316.

According to official sources, Black Clover Chapter 316 will be released next weekend, and fans are trying to understand the reason for this unexpected hiatus.

Black Clover Chapter 316 will release in a week

Viz Media has confirmed that the upcoming chapter of Black Clover will be released on December 12, 2021. The mangaka seemed to have taken a brief hiatus but hasn’t specified the reason for doing so. In such cases, the mangaka would take a break from publishing mangas because pumping out quality content every week can take a toll on the artist’s mind and body. Fans hope that Yuki Tabata is keeping well and are looking forward to the release of the upcoming chapter.

The release time of Black Clover Chapter 316 for various regions have been mentioned below:

  • 7.00 am Pacific Standard Time
  • 9.00 am Central Standard Time
  • 10.00 am Eastern Standard Time
  • 3.00 pm Greenwich Mean Time
  • 8.30 pm Indian Standard Time
  • 12.00 am Japan Standard Time (December 13, 2021)

Black Clover fans can read the latest chapters of Black Clover on Viz Media for free. If the individual wants to read the chapters prior to the latest three chapters, they should subscribe to Viz’s paid services.

Black Clover Chapter 315 recap

In Chapter 315 of Black Clover, Luck is able to sense the mana of Vangeance and Yami. The entire Black Bulls squad decided to save the two captains. The manga transitions to Nacht, who realizes that Lucifero has merged with Qliphoth. But luckily, the manifestation was incomplete, giving the Black Bulls a window to save the Yami and Vangeance.

Black Clover Chapter 315 transitions to the citizens being attacked by this manifestation. But the Vermilion siblings, Mereoleona and Fuegoleone, displayed their strength and protected the people around them. Just when things seem to get out of hand, the members of the Black Bulls are relieved and tell each other that it is going to be okay. That is when Asta, the protagonist of Black Clover, makes an appearance with his Demon Slasher Katana.

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