David Letterman to be next guest on ManningCast

David Letterman is back on TV. This time, as a guest on ManningCast.

ManningCast’s official Twitter account recently announced that the longtime late-night television host will be on the next slate of guests appearing on EESPN’salternative broadcast of Monday Night Football with the Manning brothers.

Peyton and Eli Manning have hosted a Zoom-like television live stream commentary of the Monday Night Football game this season to colossal success. Their eclectic guest list includes former and current NFL players, NBA players, PGA golfers, the former Secretary of State, and comedians. Their next guest appears to be none other than the legendary host of The Late Show with David Letterman.

David Letterman to appear on next ManningCast

In 2014, David Letterman threw footballs at taxis with Peyton. In 2021, he’s going to watch Monday Night Football on a Zoom with Peyton & Eli. Bills. Patriots. @Letterman. TUNE IN. https://t.co/bEW0CMQCks

Before the internet, before Snapchat, and certainly long before TikTok, late-night television talk shows were one of the few ways that adults unwound from a long day at work. Entertainment through television media during David Letterman’s height in popularity was sparse, and people had limited options. Cable TV was around, but most people only had “rabbit ears” to capture 3 to 4 local channels from big companies like NBC, CBS, and FOX.

David Letterman established his television credentials on Late Night with David Letterman, which followed the gold standard of late-night television, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. When Johnny Carson retired, many people expected Letterman to replace Carson. Instead, NBC replaced him with Jay Leno, and David Letterman departed for rival network CBS to become the host of The Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman hosted Late Show from 1993 to 2015. Stephen Colbert inherited the show and currently hosts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

David Letterman was popular with college kids and his comedy was described as edgy and acerbic. Given Peyton and Eli MManning’sage, they are of the generation that grew up watching Letterman on late-night TV. Letterman’s appearance on the ManningCast will be a relatively unique cross between the medium of entertainment and sports on a platform now familiar to everyone: live streaming.

The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football on December 6, 2021. Fans of the ManningCast can watch it on ESPN2 and watch David Letterman banter with Peyton and Eli Manning.

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