Ludwig and HasanAbi troll Mizkif after his outfit gets ruined

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and Ludwig Ahgren hilariously trolled Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo when he took a shower at the former’s house.

The three streamers recently collaborated for a live stream at HasanAbi’s house. The three ended up opening a can of Surströmming, a Swedish delicacy known for its pungent smell.

After they were done with the delicacy, Mizkif decided that he needed a shower and a new set of clothes. HasanAbi initially gave him a red t-shirt and boxers with “devil imprints,” which was followed by other hilarious outfits.

Mizkif has to wear HasanAbi’s clothes after trying Swedish delicacy

Ludwig and Mizkif were at HasanAbi’s house for the latest live stream. The collaboration led to some hilarious moments, with the three streamers initially showing off their best “Shrek“ impressions. HasanAbi then revealed that he had a Surströmming, a lightly-salted fermented Baltic Sea herring which is considered a delicacy in Sweden and has a pungent smell.

Once the three were done, Mizkif realized that he needed a shower, and HasanAbi was only too keen to oblige. He allowed his friend to use the best shower in the house but decided to have some fun with the outfit. HasanAbi initially gave Mizkif a red t-shirt with devil imprints and matching boxers to wear. Ludwig had the following to say when Mizkif walked into the room with his outfit:

“And now presenting, the used car-salesman from Hoboken.”

Ludwig saluted Mizkif in characteristic fashion, who seemed very annoyed at the outfit. What’s more, his friend HasanAbi brought out an elaborate incense stick which he claimed was meant to drive away Mizkif’s “demon energy.”

Mizkif looked very tired and wanted to know why he was wearing the particular outfit. Eventually, HasanAbi decided to give him a new set of clothes to wear. However, the new outfit was only slightly better and included a yellow jacket and black pants. The stream itself was hilarious and ended up dishing out multiple memorable moments.

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