Marcus Lamb’s death highlights Christian media’s vaccine problem

Lamb, a popular Christian televangelist who founded Daystar Television in 1997, touted alternative remedies over vaccines to his viewers. At least five conservative media personalities who promoted vaccine skepticism have died of Covid-19.

“The Covid pandemic has been very difficult for churches,” Bob Smietana, national writer at Religion News Service, said on “Reliable Sources” Sunday. “It shut them down … it has become seen as an attack on religion.”

Lamb felt he was preaching the truth about vaccines — claiming they were part of a conspiracy by Big Pharma, the media and the government, and that alternative medicine was a better option.

CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said there’s a “toxic merger” of right-wing politics and some churches.

“They’re preaching the gospel of Donald Trump and vaccine denialism,” Stelter said.

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Despite Lamb’s death, his followers are unlikely to believe in vaccines’ effectiveness and will continue to view the pandemic through the lens of spiritual warfare in which Lamb was attacked for spreading the truth about Covid-19, Smietana said.

“His folks won’t stop with their promotion of vaccine skepticism and alternative treatments for Covid because they see that as continuing the good fight,” Smietana said.

Christian media outlets, which often don’t get much coverage from major news sources, sometimes predict trends before they go mainstream.

“They tapped into the critical race theory debates long before it became popular in the regular media,” Smietana said.

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

I have 26 years of experience as a professional writer and editor and have been working as a full time freelancer since 2011. I am originally from Casablanca, Morocco, and I graduated from Qatar University with a degree in journalism. I have worked for newspapers, magazines, news agencies, websites. I speak fluent Arabic, French, English, Russian and Spanish.

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