Ricky Morton offers to help Cody Rhodes

WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton has offered advice to Cody Rhodes on receiving an aggressive reaction from AEW fans.

Over the past year, The American Nightmare has become a polarizing figure, as witnessed during his recent feuds with top AEW heels like Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo.

While there’s no denying that his babyface persona has grown somewhat stale, Rhodes has openly denied turning on the audience. He’s more inclined towards retiring from in-ring competition than embracing heel. In recent weeks, fans have shown disrespect to the former TNT Champion.

During the Thanksgiving edition, fans threw back Cody Rhodes’ signature weight belt that he tossed into the crowd as a souvenir. Not only that, Rhodes was booed in his hometown of Atlanta the following week.

While speaking on the WB podcast, Ricky Morton advised the former WWE Superstar to take some time off from AEW programming. The veteran also promised to make Rhodes either the hottest babyface or the hottest heel had he been working backstage:

“Cody [Rhodes] needs to take off a couple of months. If I was back there, in three weeks I’d have Cody Rhodes the hottest babyface in the country, or I could have him the hottest heel in the country.”

Morton even called Cody Rhodes’ current scenario a ‘stalemate.’ Considering the latter’s position as EVP of AEW, it is unlikely that the 36-year old star would go on a hiatus to improve his situation with AEW fans.

Cody Rhodes defeated Andrade in an Atlanta Street Fight on AEW Dynamite this week

On the latest AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes defeated Andrade El Idolo in a gruesome Atlanta Street Fight. While the entire bout was delightful to watch, Brandi Rhodes’ surprise return grabbed major headlines.

Brandi lit a table on fire moments before Cody had Andrade set on the top rope for a reverse suplex. The aftermath was a sight to behold as Cody pulled off the maneuver and took a bump on the flaming table.

Despite catching fire on his back, Rhodes managed to pin the Mexican star. With Brandi showing up with heelish tendencies, it’ll be interesting to see how this affects Cody Rhodes’ character.

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