Top 5 memorable ManningCast moments this year

Signing Eli and Peyton Manning for an alternative broadcast of Monday Night Football has proved to be a great idea for ESPN’s NFL coverage. For the 2021 season, the Manning brothers have provided an insightful and entertaining television production. The nontraditional live stream has already had some memorably crazy and funny moments this year.

For viewers who have not had a chance to catch the ManningCast, or fans who want to rewatch some of the more unforgettable clips, the following list is of the top five craziest moments from the Manning brothers’ MNF broadcast:

#5 – Rob Gronkowski admits to not watching game film:

Gronk is gonna gronk. Of course, Rob Gronkowski later revised his initial comment and assured everyone that he does actually watch film.

#4 – Eli Manning’s audition for “Step Up 6: Nobody Puts Eli Manning and Dak Prescott in a Corner”:

Whose hips don’t lie better? Eli or Dak? Viewers can be the judge, but even Peyton Manning voted for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback over his own brother.