How to lower world level to reduce difficulty in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s world grows alongside the player, as the difficulty of enemies increases with the world level. Each time a player hits a new milestone, enemies will increase in strength to match them, making traveling tougher but more rewarding.

Some players may want to lower their difficulty to take a break from the powerful foes, or even to co-op with some of their lower leveled friends. Players can lower their own world level in-game, allowing them to easily lower the difficulty while maintaining the same teams and world. Here’s how fans can do this and take advantage of this system.

Genshin Impact: How to lower the world level

Since I literally just saw this, for those people who are worried about their world level In Genshin being too high for them once they achieve it, you can actually lower your world level via the “!” by world level if you click on it! Never knew about this #GenshinImpact

Lowering world level in Genshin Impact is actually a pretty simple task. All players will need to do is follow these steps:

  • Open the Paimon Menu by hitting ESC or clicking the Paimon Icon in the top left
  • Click the small lowercase I icon next to the world level
  • Click Lower World level
  • Once players are sure of their decision, they can click confirm adjustment to lower their world level

Once the world level has been lowered, these effects will persist for 24 hours, and fans won’t be able to undo them. They can take advantage of lower leveled enemies, and easier bosses while the level is lower, making clearing new areas a lot easier. Players will also be able to match with their friends who are one world level below them, which can lead to some fun co-op experiences or easier artifact farming runs.

With the ability to lower world level added in latest patch, Genshin Impact becomes playable to me again. Back to world exploration.

Many fans have taken advantage of this option to allow for easier travel without having to take on tough foes. It definitely helps with progression as well, as bosses have less health and are easier to defeat. Players looking to experience Genshin Impact like they used to can take advantage of this system to make the game feel a lot easier.

Genshin Impact’s world level system can definitely be tough to deal with, but thanks to the ability to lower it, fans can make the game just a bit easier.

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