The voice actors of Gaara & Illumi Zoldyck might play Ayato in Genshin Impact

There has been no official news from miHoYo yet, but the Genshin Impact community seems certain that Kamisato Ayato, Ayaka’s older brother, might just be revealed as a playable character in future updates.

While there are many references to him throughout Genshin Impacts’ narrative, the game is yet to reveal Ayato’s face or features in any way. So far, all lore theorists know is that Ayato does not like to show his face in public and takes his job as a Yashiro Commissioner very seriously.

However, community speculation and leaks have ascertained that Ayato will be making his way to Genshin Impact as a playable character. Moreover, he will be sharing his English and Japanese voice actors with some of the most notorious characters from anime.

According to several sources, Ayato is expected to be voiced by Chris Hackney for the English version of Genshin Impact and Akira Ishida for the Japanese voiceovers.

Will Genshin Impact’s Ayato be sharing his voice actors with Gaara and Illumi?

Recent Genshin Impact leaks and speculations point towards Ayato coming to the game as a playable character and being voiced by Chris Hackney and Akira Ishida.

Both these actors are veterans in the field, and Chris Hackney is known more popularly for bringing Illumi Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter to life. He is also known for voicing Aguero Agnes Khun from Kami no Tou and M-21 from Noblesse.

On the other hand, Akira Ishida has been the voice behind Naruto’s Sand Nation Hokage Gaara, Katsura from Gintama, Akaza from Demon Slayer, and Eishi from Food Wars.

It was previously conjectured that Chris Hackney would be making his way to Genshin Impact as the voice behind one of the upcoming Geo characters, either Itto or Gorou.

However, that theory did not pan out at all and now fans her guess that perhaps he will most definitely be coming to miHoYo’s flagship title, but as the voice behind Kamisato Ayato.

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