Top 3 things to remember while leveling up in Minecraft

When it comes to progression, Minecraft has a ton of things to offer. Progression can be seen in the form of fulfilling the steps required for the story, like getting blaze rods and finding a stronghold, or it can refer to the player’s progression with experience points.

Experience points, or “XP”, are an essential element in Minecraft. Players are rewarded with XP points after performing certain actions like killing a hostile mob or smelting ore in a furnace. This article will highlight three things players should keep in mind while trying to level up in Minecraft.

3 best things to keep in mind when farming for xp in Minecraft

3) Mine Smart

Mining almost any ore gives experience to players. However, some blocks and ores in Minecraft give more experience than others. Nether Quartz is one of those ores.

Found exclusively in the Nether and Nether quartz, it is one of the best and fastest sources of XP in Minecraft. Additionally, it is easy to mine, which is a bonus. Breaking 100 Nether Quartz ore blocks takes the player from XP level 0 to 16.

2) Save xp for and spend xp on enchantments

Enchanting in Minecraft is one of the most profitable and powerful processes. It gives special modifications to the player’s weapons, armor and tools, making them more effective in a plethora of different ways.

Each time something is enchanted, it takes a portion of the player’s experience points. Players must save XP to get the best enchantments.

On the other hand, having too much XP at hand and not spending it on enchantments should not be done. Enchantments can significantly affect how a player’s Minecraft journey progresses.

3) Make Mob XP Farms

There are a variety of experience farms available to build within the world of Minecraft. However, one of the best is a mob farm. Skeletons can be the best bet for this XP farm. However, Endermen will be most effective as they give the most XP of any non-boss mob.

Enderman Farms can increase the player’s experience points from 0 to 30 in one minute. The mob farm for the Endermen will have to be built in the End dimension, where players shall find the most Endermen.

XP farming is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft. Since XP is needed for enchantments, players must make the most of their XP runs in Minecraft.

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