A Christmas feast of drama

Chicago Fire’s latest episode, titled “Winterfest,” is the only true Christmas-themed episode of the “Chicago One” series with the other two, Chicago Med and Chicago PD, going much darker in their treatment of the mid-season finale.

The main crisis of Chicago Fire‘s final episode before the break involved the falling of a giant Christmas tree that traps holiday shoppers under its branches. The other main plotline is the “Winterfest” festival where Gallo (Alberto Rosende), Violet (Hanako Greensmith), and Ritter (Daniel Kyri) plan to launch their new business: a microbrewery.

Chicago Fire, though going for a more light-hearted approach than its Med and PD counterparts, still has a cliffhanger strong enough to hold the viewers in place until it returns in 2022. However, this is more of a personal cliffhanger and involves two of our favorite characters.

The case of the microbrewery

The microbrewery’s formation and execution is one of the things that take up a large part of the episode. Gallo, Violet, and Ritter do not have it easy to create this brewery as they face numerous challenges.

Most of this takes place in the “Winterfest,” where they try to market their newly formed business. Things are always awkward around the trio, a kind of a fun escape from the otherwise serious TV of Chicago Fire.

Things do not go in the best possible way as their brewery is rejected for not matching the quality standards of microbreweries in general.

Sylvie Brett’s winning case

A case of paramedic emergency appears in the form of a man choking on a large piece of Christmas decoration and though it may sound funny, it was far from it. Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) helped him out in her usual winning manner.

The latter part of her story sees her nearly losing an appeal to extend her paramedic program to their state. However, just before the judge can rule out the possibility, her chief of paramedic appears with the people she had helped with this program. With their testimony, the tide is turned in her favor and an approval is granted, A kind of a Christmas miracle, it seems.

What does Stella’s sudden appearance mean for ‘Chicago Fire’?

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) has been absent for weeks. This was discussed earlier as well by the Chief. Severide (Taylor Kinney) does not really have an answer to this. He hadn’t heard from her in weeks and the weeks seemed to be getting longer and longer.

She was gone for much longer than she was expected to with little to no news, and just when things started to look hopeless, she appeared in the final seconds of the episode. However, nothing more was shown about her reasons or where she had been.

It seems the fans of Chicago Fire have to wait for some time before they get to know this when the next part of the series releases in 2022 on NBC.

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