How to add pets to teapot realm in Genshin Impact

In the Serenitea Pot, Genshin Impact players can decorate a realm of their own with furnishings, companions, and pets.

Teapot pets can be placed outdoors in a realm, and some can be placed inside the main building as well. Genshin Impact fans can decorate with these little animal companions as they please, potentially fostering plenty of pets.

How to place pets in Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot

I entered one of my genshin friends teapot and THEY HAVE LIKE 10 MORE PETS UPSTAIRS HELSPLS 😭😭

Genshin Impact players unlock the Serenitea Pot at Adventure Rank 28 with the quest, A Teapot to Call Home. Once this quest is complete, gamers can add decorations and pets to their teapot realms.

Players can take the following steps to add pets and other animals to their realm:

  1. Click the finger icon to decorate the realm.
  2. Navigate to the Animals tab.
  3. Select a pet and place it as desired.
Placing an animal in a Serenitea Pot realm (Image via Genshin Impact)
Placing an animal in a Serenitea Pot realm (Image via Genshin Impact)

Like other furnishing items, pets have a hidden value called “load” in the Serenitea Pot. Each realm area can only hold so much load, and each animal is known to carry a load of 500.

500 load is rather high, so adding pets does take away significantly from the amount of furniture that may be placed in a realm area. Genshin Impact players must decide for themselves how many pets they want versus other furniture items.

you can make each animal 500 load but i’m still gonna place them, genshin

Currently, the available Serenitea Pot animals are the following:

  • Jade-Eyed Cat
  • Northland Cat
  • Tiger-Striped Cat
  • Sherrif Cat
  • Northland Hound
  • Black-Back Hound
  • Forest-Patrol Hound
  • Shiba
  • Azure Crane
  • Forest Boar

Genshin Impact players may purchase pets from Chubby whenever he visits on the weekends. Chubby shows up in the realm at 4:00 AM every Friday and leaves at the same time on Mondays. He has a special store for realm decorations, often including pets like cats and dogs.

More animal furnishings will surely arrive as Genshin Impact continues to expand. Many furnishings have been released since the Serenitea Pot was first introduced, so it’s safe to assume some new animals will be released as well.

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