Pokemon GO Tour Johto event guide

Participated in by way of purchasing a ticket, Pokemon GO’s Tour event has left the confines of the Kanto region and made its way to Johto from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

On top of the virtual Pokemon GO experience, Pokemon GO’s Tour event will even have live in-person festivities in certain locations on February 27. In the current iteration of the Johto tour, players who purchase a ticket will be able to pick between the Pokemon Gold or Silver version to fine-tune their experience as they encounter version-exclusive Pokemon and complete Special Research Tasks on their way to encounter a Celebi with a special move in its moveset.

Pokemon GO: Johto Tour details

Since players will be picking opposite versions, collectors will need to trade together in order to maximize the Pokemon they receive (Image via Niantic/The Pokemon Company)
Since players will be picking opposite versions, collectors will need to trade together in order to maximize the Pokemon they receive (Image via Niantic/The Pokemon Company)

As previously stated, Pokemon GO trainers who purchase a ticket (currently priced $11.99 USD) for the Johto Tour will choose between Pokemon Gold or Silver for their event, meaning that in order to obtain all the Pokemon from both versions, trainers may need a friend or two to trade with who are participating in the opposite version. This hearkens back to the mainline Pokemon games, which release exclusive Pokemon that only appear in certain versions to encourage trades between players to complete their Pokedexes.

In addition to catching Pokemon and completing tasks, trainers who complete the Pokemon GO event will be able to receive timed research for early 2022 based on the Season of Heritage. If trainers purchase their ticket by 10 January 2022, they’ll receive the timed research for both January and February. However, trainers that purchase their ticket by 10 February 2022 will only receive February’s timed research.

Free-to-play players who don’t purchase the ticket can still enjoy portions of the event for free. Starting on February 26 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Pokemon featured in the Johto region will be appearing in the wild alongside egg hatches, and players can still complete research tasks and participate in trainer battles with a Johto theme. However, players who purchase the ticket will have access to the full experience, including:

  • All Johto region Pokemon will appear in the wild, in raids, in eggs, and will appear as rewards for research task completion.
  • A Special Research storyline featuring the Mythic Pokemon Celebi, which if caught during the event will feature a special move not normally available to it.
  • After completing the Special Research, Pokemon GO trainers will gain access to the Masterwork Research story, providing several challenges over a long period of time.
  • All Pokemon originally introduced in the Johto region will have their shiny forms available to catch, including new forms like those for Unown, which are drawn to Incense.
  • A total of nine collection challenges will be available for hardcore Pokemon GO collectors.
  • Eggs will require only 25% of their normal hatch distance.
  • Trainers will earn double candy from catching and hatching Pokemon.
  • A free shop bundle will be available that includes three raid passes.
  • Up to nine free raid passes will also be available by spinning photo discs at gyms.
  • New stickers will be available at the Pokemon GO store.
  • Taking a photo of a Pokemon may result in a new Pokemon appearing in photobomb fashion similar to how Smeargle does.

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