Disneyland rated a year after its COVID-era reopening

Regardless of how you feel about the crowds, the strollers and the high prices, Disneyland, like it or not, represents the American dream. When the pandemic forced the park, along with many of our other institutions, to close in March 2020, it was an exclamation point that we were entering a period without an archetypal ideal.

A ritual for many was gone, and a place designed to represent contentment could not operate. For Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A., isn’t a return to another era but a film set sprung to life, with facades that are alternately familiar and fantastical — there is a castle, after all, at the end of the strip. Taken together, Disneyland is designed to displace us and to transport us to a land of imagination. Even if briefly, we enter a period of timelessness….

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

A technology enthusiast and a passionate writer in the field of information technology, cyber security, and blockchain

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