Former Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir keeps her core strong with exercises including deadbugs and side planks

Katrin Davidsdottir competing at "Strength in Depth" in London in June 2022.

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Katrin Davidsdottir competing at “Strength in Depth” in London in June 2022.Sean Ellison

  • CrossFit athlete Katrin Davidsdottir has always had a six-pack, but her core wasn’t always strong.

  • The former Fittest Woman on Earth said neglecting her core led to a herniated disc.

  • Davidsdottir now does a lot of core exercises, including deadbugs, side planks, and L-sit holds.

Katrin Davidsdottir does “a lot” of core training to maintain her position as an elite CrossFit athlete, including deadbugs, L-sit…