Meet Colombia’s new VP: Black, female, champion of the ‘nobodies’

Shovel and wooden pan in hand, rubber boots hoisted up to his shins, Leider Ocoró Ambuila strolled past the zapote tree, past the stands of ripening bananas, past the cow pen, down to the banks of the Ovejas river.

A man pans for gold in a river

Leider Ocoró Ambuila, 41, pans for gold in the Ovejas river in La Toma, Colombia. He says he played as a child with Francia Elena Márquez, who also panned for gold there.

(Liliana Nieto del Río / For The Times)

He was soon crouched at waterway’s edge shoveling silt into a concave pan, or batea, a ritual passed down for generations….

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

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