Why The Latest Ted Bundy Movies Are Catching So Much Backlash

After the release of the second Ted Bundy movie teaser within a week, Twitter decided to clap back. Some users expressed annoyance at the rehash of an overdone topic. Writer Trey Alston tweeted, “They’re literally building a Ted Bundy cinematic universe out here.” Another user complained about getting more Ted Bundy movies before Mario Kart 9. “I’ve had enough,” she tweeted.

However, the majority of the backlash had to do with the types of actors chosen to play Bundy. In “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil,” it was High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron. The Bundy in “American Boogeyman” will be played by former fashion model Chad Michael Murray. One user tweeted that Bundy was “hideous” alongside a photo of the murderer smiling like the creep he was, adding “don’t let america [sic] convince you this man was attractive and that’s why he got away with his crimes.” Another user replied that “he was ugly, and I’m glad he’s dead.”

Whatever their reasons, the members of the jury of the court of public opinion have delivered their verdict: enough is enough. We’re done with Bundy. The United States should maybe take advantage of this self-reflective moment as an opportunity to analyze its weird obsession with true crime documentaries. Society could use a more positive entertainment trend than serial killers.

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