Succession star Kieran Culkin felt ‘dad guilt’ for getting sleep while working away

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Succession star Kieran Culkin admits he felt ‘dad guilt’ over working away from home. 

The actor, 39, who is best known for playing Roman Roy in the hit HBO series, welcomed his second child with wife Jazz Charton in August. 

Recalling the first time he became a dad during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday, Kieran confessed that he was riddled with guilt when he left town for work and was finally able to get some sleep. 

Kieran, who is brother to Home Alone star Macauley Culkin, told host Lorraine Kelly: ‘When we had a kid the first time, I actually left town to do a talk show and was out of town those first few days and I was getting a lot of sleep, and felt guilty.’

Joking he hasn’t had much sleep since, Kieran added: ‘My body clock understands I’m a father now.’

He also shared his love of changing nappies, as he explained doing so helps him to ‘bond’ with his children. 

Revealing he is hands-on with the kids, Kieran said: ‘I actually love the diaper changing, I feel it’s a connected moment. 

Dad guilt: Kieran Culkin opened up about fatherhood during an appearance on Lorraine on Monday and confessed to feeling guilt while working away from home

Family: The Tv Star Is Dad To Two Children He Shares With Wife Jazz Charton - One-Month Old Son And Two-Year-Old Daughter Kinsey

Family: The TV star is dad to two children he shares with wife Jazz Charton – one-month old son and two-year-old daughter Kinsey

‘That’s when we can teach each other a lot of things. I come up with games, it’s a bonding thing.’

Kieran, who is dad to a one-month old son and his daughter Kinsey, two – explained that he enjoys it more when his kids are older, adding: ‘With a newborn, it’s a chore… they don’t even see I’m here.’ 

The TV star’s wife Jazz confirmed the arrival of the couple’s second child, one month after he was born on 17 August. 

Jazz shared a series of photos of their new addition to Instagram and revealed: ‘One month with our perfect little man.’

She and Kieran, who met at a bar in New York, married in 2013 after seven years of dating and welcomed their eldest child, Kinsey, six years later in September 2019.   

New Addition: Kieran'S Wife Jazz Confirmed The Arrival Of Their Latest Addition, A Baby Boy, A Month After He Was Born On 17 August

New addition: Kieran’s wife Jazz confirmed the arrival of their latest addition, a baby boy, a month after he was born on 17 August

'My Body Clock Knows I'M A Father': The Actor Joked That The First Time He Worked Away From Home He Felt 'Guilty' For Finally Getting Some Sleep

‘My body clock knows I’m a father’: The actor joked that the first time he worked away from home he felt ‘guilty’ for finally getting some sleep

Kieran’s latest TV appearance, meanwhile, comes as Succession returned with its third series. 

Succession follows the Logan family, who are known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world – Waystar RoyCo. Everything changes, however, when their father Logan (played by Brian Cox) steps down and leaves his children fighting for control of the company.

While Kieran plays Logan’s third and youngest son Roman, Jeremy Strong appears as Kendall Roy, Alan Ruck as eldest son Connor Roy and Sarah Snook as Logan’s only daughter Siobhan Roy.

The third season of Succession premiered over in the US on Sunday night, with the season’s nine-episode run picking up from Kendall’s bombshell in the season two finale – exposing dad Logan as complicit in sexual abuse and other allegations. 

Hands On: Kieran Revealed That He Loves 'Changing Diapers' As He Sees It As A 'Bonding' Experience With His Kids, Where He Feels 'Connected' To Them

Hands on: Kieran revealed that he loves ‘changing diapers’ as he sees it as a ‘bonding’ experience with his kids, where he feels ‘connected’ to them

Dishing All: The Star, Whose Brother Is Macauley Culkin, Touched On The New Series Of Succession, Where He Plays Roman Roy In The Hit Hbo Show

Dishing all: The star, whose brother is Macauley Culkin, touched on the new series of Succession, where he plays Roman Roy in the hit HBO show

Set Secrets: Kieran Revealed That The Cast Are Given The Freedom To Improvise On Set

Set secrets: Kieran revealed that the cast are given the freedom to improvise on set

Fun: He Explained The Producers Allow The Cast To 'Play' When It Comes To Their Characters Hurling Insults,

Fun: Kieran Revealed: 'They Give Alternative Lines And It'S A Bit Loose So We Can Play'

Fun: He explained the producers allow the cast to ‘play’ when it comes to their characters hurling insults, as he revealed: ‘They give alternative lines and it’s a bit loose so we can play’

The series is set to see Kendall and Logan go head-to-head as the Roy family wages civil war on each other. 

Speaking about the hostile family dynamic between the characters in the show, Kieran revealed the cast are given room to improvise on set. 

‘You say they’re horrible people, [but] it’s hard to blame them considering the upbringing they had, they’re not bad kids,’ he offered. 

‘They don’t have the tools, they’ve never heard, “Go hug you brother,” it comes out in insults. It’s because it’s written, but [the producers] let us play with little things – especially insults. 

'They'Re Not Bad Kids': He Said Of The Hostile Family Dynamic Between The Roys: 'You Say They'Re Horrible People, [But] It'S Hard To Blame Them Considering The Upbringing They Had' (Pictured Above In Character As Roman Roy)

‘They’re not bad kids’: He said of the hostile family dynamic between the Roys: ‘You say they’re horrible people, [but] it’s hard to blame them considering the upbringing they had’ (pictured above in character as Roman Roy)

Tense: Season Three Picks Up From Last Season'S Bombshell Finale Where Logan Roy (Played By Brian Cox Above) Was Hit With Sexual Abuse Allegations By Son Kendall

Tense: Season three picks up from last season’s bombshell finale where Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox above) was hit with sexual abuse allegations by son Kendall

‘It’s in the script, but they give alternative lines and it’s a little bit loose so we can play.’ 

Season three’s opening episode was lauded by critics and fans are set to see a slew of new characters join the Roy family onscreen this time round. 

Adrien Brody, Alexander Skarsgard and Hope Davis all join the cast, with Brody portraying Josh Aaronson, a ‘billionaire activist investor who becomes pivotal in the battle for the ownership of Waystar’.   

Skarsgard, meanwhile, plays Lukas Matsson, described as a, ‘successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO’, while Davis plays Sandi Furness – the daughter of Logan Roy’s longtime rival Sandy Furness.

Drama: The Series Is Set To See Kendall (Played By Jeremy Strong Above) And Logan Go Head-To-Head As The Roy Family Wages Civil War On Each Other

Drama: The series is set to see Kendall (played by Jeremy Strong above) and Logan go head-to-head as the Roy family wages civil war on each other

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