Scarlett Johansson Finally Speaks Out About Her Lawsuit With Disney+

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In an interview with the Associated Press (via Twitter), Scarlett Johansson went over why she made a move to stand her ground against the company she’d been working with since 2010, highlighting that there was a time when she couldn’t have done otherwise. “I think it’s important in general to know your worth and stand up for yourself,” said Johansson. “In this industry, I’ve been working for such a long time, it’s been almost 30 years, and so I’ve seen so much that has shifted and sometime before maybe you know, you would feel, ‘oh gosh if I stand up for myself I might never work again, or I might be blacklisted in some way.’”

To the former “Avengers” star, it was a sign of the times that assured her making a claim against Disney was the right thing to do. “Thankfully, that’s changing in the zeitgeist, and honestly, I think that happening in an industry that’s as huge and universal as the entertainment industry is really important.”

Now that water is under the bridge, the actress that gave us Hawkeye’s former partner and sister to the new Black Widow is back on board with Disney in more than just a Marvel project. Johansson is set to take audiences on a bone-chilling ride bringing Disneyland’s iconic Tower of Terror to the big screen, written by “Inside Out” and “Toy Story 4” penner Jonathan Lia.

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