The Greek Myth That The Movie Troy Was Based On

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“The Iliad” is a tale of a war between a Greek army and the Trojan army. It all began when the cowardly Paris took King Menelaus’ wife, Helen, to Troy to be his wife. This angered the king, and he sent his army to go fight a lengthy war to try to bring her back. Achilles is the invading army’s greatest warrior, but he is sulking because his commander took some of his plunder from the latest battle. That is where the book starts. It also features a lot of the Greek gods, who step in and interfere. It was the goddess Aphrodite who started it because she allowed Paris to take Helen. Achilles is basically immortal due to being dipped in the river Styx, but he has a weak point, his heel, which was where his mother held him. Hence, the common phrase, Achilles’ heel. 

On the other hand, per Study, the movie did not feature the denizens of Olympus, and there were a lot of things that occurred in the movie that didn’t happen in the book. The movie’s director, Wolfgang Petersen, explained this by saying it was “inspired” by the book. Brad Pitt did bulk up considerably to play Achilles, and he set his broody pouty look to 11. Historical scholars may not have loved the finished product, but the audience did find it entertaining. People have to put aside their notions of historical accuracy here and just enjoy the film.

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